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7-in-1 Multipurpose Bottle/Can Opener

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7-in-1 Multipurpose Bottle/Can Opener



It breaks the seal | lifts the lid | twists the cap | opens the can | pops the top and pulls the ring 


  • Wonderful kitchen must have tool for preparation of food in can or bottle.
    Flip up the swivel handle to open cans. Use the jaws to break vacuum seals, the gripper to twist off caps and the notch to pop off bottle caps, and more you can think of with this multipurpose tool. Maximizes results by offering you instant access to virtually any vessel. Open cans without leaving sharp edges, pry tins, lift tabs, break seals, twist caps and much more.
  • Its a must in kitchen and when in travel, camping, hiking, fishing and Trekking

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